"Is Beyoğlu Dead?"
Is Beyoglu dead? In the search of this question, I wanted to expose shortly what happened between 2010-2020 in Beyoğlu. Lots of things have been changed by neoliberal urban politics in the context of user demography and physical environment both. Is there a chance to protect and sustain what we already have? Beyoğlu is a memory place and this is a psychological map for the people who still want to spend their time in cultural and historical heritage of Beyoğlu, and the map shows small and unique business’, not third wave franchised coffees. Enjoy! 
Editorial Design: Seham Hakmi
*If you want to read full article, please visit: https://artniyet.cargo.site/Nerede-O-Eski-Beyoglu​​​​​​​
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