Houses of Quarantine
A graphic narrative tells the same story in quarantine as a way to observe 
and understand the banalities of daily life.

ˈkwɔr ənˌtin:
A strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of disease.
Balconies, views, flowers, cats, blue skies, bluer skies, butterflies, pools, seas, food, so much food, baking breads, stocking, “working from home”s, washing your hands, cleaning the house, cooking, cooking, endlessly cooking, working all the time, 
p r o d u c t I v I t y, meditations, positive thinking, yoga, WhatsApp groups, Zoom meetings, curfews, exploiting shipping workers, walking, empty streets, social distancing, masks, hand gloves, afraid of the others, massive deaths, doctors, hospitals, emergencies. 
What is virtual? What is real? Everyone keeps telling each other “this is the new normal”. They are trying to live “poetically” even during a pandemic. For obvious facts about relations: who is single is much lonelier, who is in the family must live this dimension in a much more cohesive way. Apathy leaks out of here.
How many days did pass? We lost counting. Wash your hands until they hurt. All these live videos on Instagram, YouTube, streaming, people who stream them all day long in general, how do they find motivation? Probably they are extroverts. Pass to another social media turn. Close twitter, open Instagram. Listen podcasts.

Pandemic is changing the world we live in, there is so much ambiguity. Be prepared.

Editorial Design: İbrahim Kaçtıoğlu
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